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Friday, July 25

Rin Tin Tin Activists

Perhaps you're unaware that several animal activists

hiss at Korea with their balled-up fists

due to their use of dogs for human consumption

as if they're sworn leaders against beastial corruption.

Brigitte Bardot, harshly attacked Koreans

for their reputation of being dog-eating human beings.

So, I suppose it's okay to stage bull-fights and rodeos

hog tying competitions, Tijuanan donkey shows*,

Hasn't the world westernized enough

without paying lip service to cheap activist fluff?

I think Mrs. Bardot needs to ease off her high horse

and allow other nations to route their course.

Concerning Korea, there are some general facts:

canines undergo worse humilating acts:

wearing latest and greatest in Barbie dog attire

drinking ginseng tainted spring water to their heart's design.

donning on slight hints of French perfumes

dyeing their damn ears---(smile, the poodle industry blooms)

Please tell Mrs. Bardot to focus on retirement,

on the French Med, or said pompous environment

Activists, point your fat finger within your realm

accuse your local infidels, and then take the helm.

* sorry, even I won't go into details here.

posted by sahr on 6:30 PM


Sunday, July 20

What next?

Once again Bush, and his faithful sidekick Blair,

defended their stance on the Iraq affair.

Toppling Sadaam without significant proof that an "Axis of Evil"

held horrifying biotoxins to smother millions of people.

Blair insisted that if a deaf ear was turned on the Middle East

chemical warfare manufacturing would have greatly increased.

Okay, my inference, granted, yet he still endures great criticism:

W.M.D.*, oil prospects, Bush kowtowing--that's a three sided prism!

Now let's not be so rash with the Chief Commanding Cowboy:

albeit you've never knew well he can employ

substantial skills onto the lonely dancefloor

with or without Brittney Spears--two thumbs and encore!!

The Texas Two Step, the Running Man, Moonwalk, the Cabbage Patch,

and a plethora of dance steps MC Hammer couldn't match.

Even if we clamor how he can ruthlessly burn down a town

but should a naysayer insist he can't throw down...

* Weapons of Mass Destruction

posted by sahr on 5:46 AM


Thursday, July 17

I'm Thirty, Now What?

When some fear the unknown in the work environment

Cockblockers feel it's their sound requirement

to act out the weakest of infantile theatrics

to justify the cause of the lowbrow tactics

simply because one couldn't make the click

they plan to rant and rave as a hapless lunatic.

Not all belligerents deserve a muzzle

Not all 'pieces' complete a corporate puzzle

Aside from the rant digest, tomorrow's my birthday

but I'm brainstorming at the moment of how to best convey

my upmost thanks to Jiwon Go, my first true friend in Seoul

who, for the last four months, played a compelling role,

providing a candle for my darkest days

when all else bestowed pity, she offered praise.

For all my talents I'm hopelessly tongue tied

scrambling for words to show I'm more than satisfied

to hold dear a just friend until the day I depart

I want the cyberworld to know of this precious sweetheart.

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Tuesday, July 8

To be Named

You're probably guessing I gave up the ghost

and this domain went without a host.

No, you're twice mistaken

Little you know what it took to awaken

the author from a pandaemonic nightmare

to my usual nightmare--it's a foreigner's affair.

Plus, friends and foes alike are relying on me

to provide the daily dirt--all spying on me.

Folks! I've weathered stormy days to partly sunny

with slight chances of rainbows as I earn my money.

Where shall I begin? The overzealous orangutang

at the local zoo or the fumes endured at the PC bang*

Exchanged my studio space for a two bedroom shack

soon to be shared with an obnoxious hunchback,

chainsmoking Christian by the tag of Harold.

(who's turning fifty soon). Can life be this cold?

My sweet talking director now presumed to quit

and us foreign teachers received not a word about it.

Did someone insist it's my turn to sob

Since it's my THIRD director at my SECOND job!!**

The Land of Morning Calm will prompt you to starting thinking:

how this "island nation" cocerced me to start drinking

*Personal Computer bang; bang means room

** I was in between jobs; kinda sorta

posted by sahr on 8:34 AM


Wednesday, June 11

Am I Too Young to Die from SARS?

Do you believe in fabricated diseases?

I do. Given that the latest press releases

insist there are few fatal signs

of SARS in youngsters. No determined borderlines.

I cram to understand why it's less of a threat

to kids but I'll willing to place my bet

that the virus is, in fact, a deliberate outbreak

to the general populace for bureaucratic sake.

No hard statistics in South Korea

but street kimchee spreads mild forms of diarrhea.

I'm still waiting on mad cow disease:

Quarantines on beef, never on cheese.

posted by sahr on 4:39 PM


Saturday, May 31

Blahzay Blah

What's a Saturday night at the Club Havana

when its presence is cursed without a sultry Savanah?

I only find more reasons to have stayed in Seoul:

I've garnered more thrills with a remote control.

I just locked arms with an English chat club

in shallow harmony whilst looking pa nub

in the oddest of places where a young bloke

wants to take Dark and Lovely as a joke.

I love to play nonchalant, but if he tries to taunt me

and bull scare any dame that appears to want me,

I guess we may find ourselves at the preccint

since I'm not the one to play with a delinquent

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Sunday, May 18

So Many Headaches, so Little Time

First off, I'd like to settle two rumours

for all my vapid, online consumers:

I do not spin around in a late model Mazerati

nor am I zealous to start dating anybody

Why? I do not need a companion to make me feel "whole"

So stay tuned to Sex in the City and other TV swingers on patrol.

We've all "been there, done that", and we know the stakes

But in my humble case, girlfriends generate headaches.

Please input this value into your romance equations:

How often can you recall, in your long thread of relations,

substituting headache for the word girlfriend

long before you realized it was bound to end?



I have a headache this BIG.

Not tonight, darling, I have a headache.

What should I do about my girlfriend?

Al has a terrific girlfriend.

Whether you're depraved, deprived, Ellen Degenerates

You have a nagging headache on two legs, I send my regrets

Dump Love Potion # 9 and eightysix the wench.

Let another sucker from the sidelines swing

When the bases are all loaded, then bat like a king!

* yes, that was a deliberate misspelling!

posted by sahr on 9:06 AM


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